Amber K. Mersing Foundation, Inc. operating as The Sunflower Effect was created in memory  Amber, a beautiful, intelligent, caring young women who lost her battle to addiction.

Amber touched the heart of everyone that she came in contact with. Throughout her battles with depression and addiction, she wanted to help others.

Hope Warriors

I think what Koriann wrote below sums what my feelings exactly. I love when people that have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by fire. - Koriann E. These are the HOPE Warriors, they have and still are battling...

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Addiction Choice or Disease? Who Care! 

CHOICE OR DISEASE? IT DOESN'T MATTER. EVERYONE DESERVES HELP AND A CHANCE AT LIFE. #SHATTERTHESTIGMA #ENDTHEHATE #SILENCEKILLS Sunday morning, Alexis Johnson drove from Harrisburg to Philadelphia to spend 3½ hours getting covered head to toe in black body paint. A...

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End The Hate! #ShatterTheStigma

So proud of these women. They created a powerful display of what is going on. Right at city hall in Philadelphia, PA. This is what matters, we are loosing to many loved ones every single day. We must stand up and fight this. End The Hate! Shatter The Stigma!   Please...

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Addiction Articles & News

Today, we would like to share some very good articles on addiction and resources. U.S. charges more than 400 people in health fraud schemes and opioid scams worth $1.3 billion Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions said the record number of arrests, which included more than 120...

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We are proud to be partnering with Bipolar Barbie on her mission to make conversations about mental illness normal.
Please support her at Attitude Apparel by Bipolar Barbie, she is a major contributor to Sunflower Effect.

Attitude Apparel by Bipolar Barbie

Advocate Profiles – Help Requested

Since we lost Amber on June 4, 2015, we have meet some amazing and wonderful people that are fighting hard to save others. They have passion and dedication and work tirelessly, the majority of them do this on a volunteer basis. All of them do this because they believe...
SPOAC - South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition

SPOAC – Meeting Update

Last night I attend the first South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition (SPOAC) Meeting of 2018. The meeting was full of great information and very passionate conversation. SPOAC started about six months ago and is facilitated by PA Opioid Overdose Reduction Technical...

What Do You Need For Your Mental Health?

Do you know what your mental health needs are? I have been talking to my friend Bipolar Barbie a lot, she is a very inspiring woman who really makes me think. I like to think through and understand as much as possible. Keeping an open mind is very important, you can't...

People Should NOT Be Afraid to Ask For Help

People might not say that are afraid to ask for help, but if you Lisa then you could hear it. Why? STIGMA!It's that simple, a lot of people are afraid of getting help because of the stigma attached to their suffering or the thought of getting help. Why do we have to...
Enabling Or Helping?!

Enabling Or Helping?!

I think sometimes it is so hard to determine if you are enabling or helping a person. I try to be there, but sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be doing what I am doing. It's gets confusing, you want to help and do what is right. But you also have to give your loved...
Do They Need Help?

Do They Need Help?

I want to help. How do you help someone who doesn't think they need help? When you love someone you want to help them, you want to be there for them. But, what do you do when the person doesn't want help? Maybe they don't feel they need help. Watching someone on the...
Recover Or DIE Tour

#RecoverOrDIE Tour

I have been following Chanda for a while. Her creative and touching poetry has always touched me. Her passion for helping others is what the spirit of recovery is like in my opinion. Today, she was joined on a Facebook Live with Tw1tch to announce that she will be...

Transition Parenting – TEENAGERS

Parenting is tough! No other way to describe it. I lost the manual when the kids where born and have been winging it ever sense. I love being a father, seeing my daughters experience new adventures and learn new things is just amazing. They are teenagers now and I...
  • End the stigma with addiction and mental illness
  • Educate people on the epidemic and this health crisis
  • Celebrate recovery