Generation FOUND

UPDATE: This screening has been reschedule to Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7:30PM. We must reach our tipping point by reserving your seat for this private screening before June 5, 2017. 


From the creators of the ground breaking Anonymous People a new film about the Youth Recovery Movement. Generation FOUND explores how a town in Texas address the horrible health crisis of addiction and overdose with a recovery school.

Sunflower Effect and Starting Over PA are joining forces to bring this film to the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

14188543_1737920073136290_1092182754848129776_oWe are loosing 144 people every single day in the United States to overdoses, this is more than gun violence and car accident deaths. Substance abuse is happening at younger ages than ever before. Please join the movement for a one-time screening in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

Please reserve you seat so we can have this screening and hear from some wonderful people in recovery.


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