10628313163_1cab6e9555_oAmber K. Mersing Foundation, Inc. operating as The Sunflower Effect was created in memory  Amber, a beautiful, intelligent, caring young women who lost her battle to addiction.


Amber touched the heart of everyone that she came in contact with. Throughout her battles with depression and addiction, she wanted to help others.

Amber loved sunflowers, they stand tall and shine over. This name was the perfect name for her memorial.

The goal of the Sunflower Effect is to raise awareness to addiction, overdose,recovery
mental illness. We are in the beginning of a horrible health crisis that is taking too many lives. Each addict is someone’s loved one. the nightmare of addiction affects so many people¬†through so many ways.

We believe that a huge difference can be made with three simple goals, this alone will not conquer the crisis, but will make a difference.

  • End the stigma with addiction and overdose
  • Educate people on the epidemic and this health crisis
  • Celebrate recovery

Sunflower Effect is run by the family of Amber and other people in recovery or affected by addiction. We are not doctors, but people who have lived through and work daily to keep peace and hope to help others.