Love in a Time of Heroin

Very powerful essay on loving someone with substance use disorder (addiction). I had chills as I can relate to so much of this.


I submitted this essay to the New York Times column, “Modern Love” with the hope that I could reach a whole new audience with a very important message. Although they did not find the essay right for their needs, I still want to share it.

I was positive I had met the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

We clicked in every way, immediately. He always made me smile. He liked to share in our similar interests but also opened my eyes to so many new experiences. I felt completely comfortable around him. When I wasn’t with him, I never stopped thinking about him. When I had news, good or bad, he was the first person I couldn’t wait to talk to. He was my biggest fan in every aspect of my life. And I trusted him – completely.

We were expecting our first child when…

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