#DearAmerica #FightForRecovery


Tonight at 7:00 PM EST on TeeLow TeeVee Facebook Page the premier of #DearAmerica #FightForRecovery will be released!

If you know someone who has been affected by the horrible addiction epidemic that is ripping hearts apart please watch tonight. Share this and invite your friends to the  TeeLow TeeVee Facebook Page.

Listen to TeeLow’s message, he speaks the truth and using his wonderful talent to to help others.

#DearAmerica #FightForRecovery 

DearAmericaFightForRecovery_blackI am so excited for this to drop tonight. Please like, share and follow TeeLow TeeVee Facebook Page.

Let’s unite and get this message spread around the nation…..

None of us can predict the future and if you have children or grandchildren, let’s stand up and fight for their generation and their future…..
If you do share this or watch the video tonight @ 7pm. If you could share as well put#DearAmerica #FightForRecovery …… Let’s make this message to America be heard!!!

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