3 Good Things

I journal a lot. I “micro-journal”, putting short thoughts throughout the day of what I am feeling, what is going on or what I am thinking.  I try to write what I am grateful for and have a daily reminder for that.

My friend Richard, who is on the front line of the addiction epidemic, posted this short video about 3 good things. He says that this is NOT a grateful journal, but a way of writing about 3 good things that happened during the day.

I love this idea and have added it to my journal routine. Stop at the end of the  day and think of three good things that happened to you. Listen to Richard explain it below.


One comment

  1. Thanks Rich, I’m going to try this again I was doing it the wrong way but this sounds better to me so here goes; 1. I was upset because my television did not have good reception because of the weather and I could not hear what was going on which made me upset for a minute but instead I thought I’ll just look at it on my phone and so I did.
    2. In spite of the body pain that I experience during severe weather conditions I did something I have not done in over 30 years and that was to get a piece of clothing that needed sewing and actually did sew it instead of using the old dependable safety pins.
    3. When it’s really good dreary outside I don’t feel like doing anything and just being by myself I don’t like cooking but today I cooked a nice meal for myself in spite of feeling lazy. Looking at these three things today was a productive one for me, hmm I like this exercise.


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