Time To Act is NOW

I am so very sad and worried that we are only in the beginning of a horrible health crisis that is already claiming 144 lives every day in the United States. We need better ways of helping people get into recovery and prevent people from ever trying these deadly substances.

It is the next wave of the opioid epidemic that experts say has already started to hit Southwestern Pennsylvania, and it will almost certainly get worse. Read more.

Beyond ending the STIGMA, which makes it harder for people and families to get the help they need, we need to have long term programs that assist people with recovery. The old ways are not working and we have to change how we handle addiction.

I watched a segment on WPXI about a program for nurses in Pennsylvania called PNAP. The program sounds very good and is a long term program. I think this is wonderful, and we have to make programs like this available to everyone that suffers from addiction.

Data show nurses who complete the PNAP program have a relapse rate of just 3 percent. That’s far lower than the relapse rate in the general population, which is up to 60 percent. Read more.

People suffering with addiction have a very hard road ahead of them for the rest of their lives. I am tired of hearing people compare addiction to other diseases, this helps NO ONE. We need to understand and show compassion to save people.

We have to understand that we don’t understand.

Please join together to help fight this health crisis, the chances of you knowing someone with addiction are very high. They may be hiding it from you, they may  be in recovery or active addiction. Addiction does not discriminate and can and will affect ANYONE.

Look at the chart below from Overdose Free PA, the chart shows the spike in deaths from overdose in Allegheny County between 2013 and 2016.


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  1. Evidence shows that decriminalising drugs while improving tangential social polices e.g. social welfare, employment laws, social security, healthcare, employment prospects, minimum wage etc. all have an impact on reducing initiation of drug use. That is to say, drug use isn’t just a medical issue; it’s a social one too.

    There are also many people who use drugs in a functional way (academic research can be provided on request).


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