My past haunts me everyday; my past taunts me everyday 

Very good post about recovery. Recovery is hard, it is constant and doesn’t go away. You have to work at it every day.
Thank you for writing this.

Life as a 20-something,

I overcame my addiction, but I am haunted and taunted everyday.

I changed my life for the better, and I got myself clean and sober with my familys’ help. This “new” life I was given isn’t easy though..

You’re all probably thinking “wow, she’s selfish and doesn’t realize the second chance she was given” or something similar.

I am grateful. I am very damn grateful. Before you judge me, answer these questions;Do you have constant reminders every single day of your past? Do you get taunted and/or haunted everyday? Do you know how easily I could give in and lose all the progress I have made within 2 years?I overcame heroin addiction, and I am grateful for my second chance but my temptations and struggles come into play everyday of my life.

As many of you may know, drugs are taking over and many states/countries have horrible epidemics…

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