Discussion With Laura Propst

I met Laura at the Fed Up Rally in Pitsburgh in 2015, a few months after Amber passed. Laura is the founder of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Not One More. She has been working hard to raise awareness and host some beautiful vigils in memory of our lost loved ones.

In early 2012, I began to follow Not One More in the Simi Valley of California. I decided to put my efforts into a Chapter for the Pittsburgh area in hopes of saving the lives of our loved ones too. We now have a strong following and hold events in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties to achieve our goals and our mission. Read more…

Join us Sunday at 7:00PM Eastern for a discussion with Laura about her mission and why we started the local chapter.


  1. I would love to team up with you guys, and talk to kids and teens about drug abuse. I have been speaking at schools and other local places about my experience and all the hard ships addiction causes. I want to help kids learn addiction is real (I never thought that my parents never talked to me about drugs because I was an only child and a great kid). I want to spread awareness and I would love to join you guys!

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