Sunflower Effect

3/26/2017 – Sunday Update

Sunday Updates is a time when we like to share some updates on what is going on at Sunflower Effect and goals.

Non-profit Updates

We have filed Articles of Incorporation with the state of PA as a non-profit, operating under the name Sunflower Effect. This is a big first step, I have been thinking about this since shortly after Amber passed.


First first goal is to SHATTER THE STIGMA! We have to empower people to have the ability to reach out for help without being looked down on. We be doing this by two specials initially.

  1. The SHINEStories of people in  recovery and their hope and inspiration.
  2. DiscussionsLive video discussions with people about addiction, overdose, treatment, recovery and mental illness.


We have being using the platform for live streaminng on Facebook and providing more interaction with the community. This means that you can be involved in the videos, discussions and promoting our cause.

Generation FOUND

Please don’t forget that on June 5, 2017, Sunflower Effect will be hosting a one-time screening on the ground breaking documentary Generation FOUND.

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