Let’s Make A Difference!

Let’s Make A Difference!

Ever since we lost Amber I knew what my mission was. I had to stand up and help people suffering with mental illness (including addiction). I never thought of it, but I guess I also suffer from mental illness. I have been battling depression for years, I suffer severe...
Happy Birthday Amber

Happy Birthday Amber

Today is Amber’s birthday. She would have been 27 today. People, mental illness and addiction is affecting so many people. So many loved ones are suffering every single day and fighting a battle that many people do not understand. Please STOP and LISTEN. Amber,...

End The Hate, Spread HOPE

We are sorry we had to cancel yesterday live with Alexis and Ashely about their powerful project. We are rescheduling this for mid next week. When we support each other beautiful things happen. – Koriann E. Dear America: Fight For Recovery (An Open Letter)...
Amber - Two Years Today

Two years ago today our hearts were crushed and lives changed forever.Today, we remember Amber, the joys she had and brought us. We know she is at peace now.We continue to speak in her name and memory and in memory of all of the people lost to this horrible disease. They are Somebody's Someone.www.sunflowereffect.org

Posted by Sunflower Effect on Sunday, June 4, 2017

Two Years Today

Two years ago today. Our days started as each day started and change forever.

Speak Out.. Advocate

“I believe we can do this. I believe we change the world. I truly believe that in my heart, with each individual person,” Rainaldi said. We must all speak out for what we believe in. Advocating with your heart is so important to raise awareness and help...