Lou and Amber by a Sunflower Amber K. Mersing Foundation, Inc. operating as The Sunflower Effect was created in memory Amber, a beautiful, intelligent, caring young women who lost her battle to addiction and mental illness. Amber touched the heart of everyone that she came in contact with. Throughout her battles with depression and addiction, she wanted to help others. Amber loved sunflowers, they stand tall and shine over. This name was the perfect name for her memorial. The goal of the Sunflower Effect is to raise awareness to addiction, mental illnessoverdose,recovery . We are in the beginning of a horrible health crisis that is taking too many lives. Everyone is someone’s loved one. The nightmare of addiction and mental illness affects so many people through so many ways.
The mission of Sunflower Effect is to remove the stigma from mental illness. We are doing this using our voices to share our stories and promote conversations about mental illness as part of every day life. Understanding and empathy are vital to all and by sharing stories and educational programs we hope to be part of the great group of people who are trying to save lives.
At Sunflower Effect we believe in partnering with passionate and caring advocates. We have to work together to save lives. Recoveyr is possible and there is hope.

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We can’t do this alone and value our dedciated partners who are working hard every day. Mental illness is not contageous, but the SHINE of recovery is enlightening.

We Believe In…


To end the stigma of mental illness, conversations concerning mental illness should be a normal part of life.


We must continually educate ourselves and others about mental illness. Understanding is so important to helping people.


Recovery is something to be proud of. Celebrating recovery helps reinforce the value and also continues to make conversations about mental illness part of every day life.

Addiction changes the brain, disturbing the normal hierarchy of needs and desires.

In fact, the DSM, which is the definitive resource of diagnostic criteria for all mental disorders, includes criteria for drug use disorders, distinguishing between two types: drug abuse and drug dependence. Read more at National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Talking about mental health is easy. I DO IT EVERYDAY!

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GET INVOLVED, listen to someone’s story, and provide encouragement for the individual to get and stay clean.

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People shouln’t be afraid to ask for help. We have to show compassion and empathy.

Lou Rainaldi

Sunflower Effect

Join Us and Change the world!