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UR Way Memorial








Pittsburgh Won’t Forget U is hosting a memorial on May 20, 2018 in memory of loved ones we have lost to the overdose epidemic. Have you lost someone to an overdose, do you love someone who is struggling to escape their addiction. You are invited to this free memorial event at the beautiful scenic West End Overlook.
3:00 Registration begins for your loved ones name to be read at the memorial. BRING A PHOTO OF THEM for the Angel Photo Wall.
3:00 5:30

Optionally, have a picnic dinner with your family and friends and a potluck dessert (10-12) to share with other families. Meet and talk with others that have lived through & suffered your grief or if you are looking to network in Uniting to advocate change.

If you wish to meet and talk with families like yourself in grieving your loss … consider coming earlier ( before 5:30 pm) and Bring a picnic dinner for yourself and potluck dessert to share with 10.


 Victims names will be announced and if families are present they can step forward & present their memorial to their loved one. Examples are listed below:

  • Balloon Release
  • Butterfly Release
  • Play part of a song that reminds you of them
  • Bubbles
  • Sing their favorite song
  • Launch kites
  • Read a poem
  • Pray
  • Make an announcement about something that you started in their Honor!
  • IT IS UP TO YOU!! But, please try to keep the choices environmentally friendly.

Announcements over.

Stay and enjoy the beautiful view, hang out and talk with others.

Please join and help clean up.

  • The building on the West End Overlook
    • 30 – 40 fit inside
    • Venue has seating for 180 on the upper deck and the patio
    • Has restrooms
    • Has a small frig
    • Has electric
    • Has some counter space
    • Has concrete and lawn area
    • Is handicap accessible

You do not have to be present to have your loved ones name announced. If you wish to send their name and picture (for the Angel Wall) …. email: IRememberMarley@gmail.com Or visit the Facebook Page “Pittsburgh Won’t Forget U” www.Facebook.com/OD.victims