Expressive Writing – Book Club

Previously I posted about how I use Day One, I wanted to expand on that today. I am grateful that the people at Day One are allow me to facilitate a book club on their Facebook Group. The book that was chosen is Expressive Writing: Words That Heal .

The reason I am writing about it here at Sunflower Effect is the the book is about mental health. I have started reading the book and so far am finding it very interesting. I am looking forward to understanding more about how to write expressively, the initial chapters explain the science and research on the value of expressive writing.

If you are interested in joining the club, check out the Day One Community and join us. The discussion will happen on November 2nd at 3PM EST, we have a Zoom video conference setup for the discussion.

Below is a summary of the topics in the book, I am looking forward to starting the four day writing session.

  • A basic four-day, 20-minute daily writing session program
  • A six-week writing program using a different technique each week
  • Additional techniques for expressive writing
  • Instructions on how to analyze what was written


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