Keeping A Gratitude Journal

After reading the book Gratitude Dairies I decided to start my gratitude journal again and committed to an entry every day for 30 days. The book really opened by eyes and gave me a new perspective on keeping a gratitude journal. In the process it help me appreciate my life and the blessings I have.

Reframing The Day

I think one of the big points from the book is “reframing the day“. This does not mean lying or creating things that did not happen. It means frame the day and focus on the positive that happened, you don’t want to dwell on the negative. Focus on aspects of the day that you are truly grateful for, look for the good in your interactions and learn to appreciate them.

I think of this as a photograph of a beautiful sunset, but in the picture I also captured some garbage in the picture. Instead of throwing out the picture and focusing the the garbage in the picture, crop the picture to see the beautiful sunset. The photo is reframed to show the beauty.

This is the same way with keeping a gratitude journal, every day in the evening I wrote at least a paragraph about what I was grateful for. Sometimes a few paragraphs. Everyday was NOT pleasant, I had bad days, but I choose to look at the day and find what happened during the day that I was grateful for.

I focused on real interactions during the day, my family, work, reading a book or talking to friends. I may have an argument with my teenagers but then later in the day we sat down and talked it out. I was not happy about the argument but being able to communicate with my children I am very grateful for.

Day One


I have been journaling for a long time, in both written form and digital form. Several years ago I found an app called Day One. I looked at a few different journaling apps and kept going back to Day One. I found that app very intuitive, it was clean allowing me to focus on what I wanted to write about. Journaling has different meanings to different people, I try to focus on my feelings and thoughts. But, I also use Day One to record events that occurred so I can reflect on them at some point in the future.

Day One has both a free version and a subscription plan, I pay for the subscription plan. I find value in the service that Day One provides and feel that this is good for my mental health.

I have Day One installed on my iPhone (it is available on Android also), Apple Watch and MacBook. I use Day One throughout my day and sometimes entering simple phrases of what I am feeling or doing and sometimes sitting down and writing more detailed entries.

Day One just recently introduced the ability to record audio journals as well, I have only used this a little so far but am excited to make more use of this. I use my phone to press the record function in Day One and start talking. My voice is saved and added to the journal entry.

Day One also has a Facebook Group for users to talk about journaling and how they use Day One. I am very excited that they will be having a book study and I was asked to help facilitate the group. The first book is called “Expressive Writing: Words That Heal“.

If you would like to hear me talking about my Gratitude Journal and how I use Day One please listen to the podcast below.

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