Something Bigger Than Yourself

What do you believe in?

You can have faith in so many things, I believe it is important that you have faith in something that is bigger than yourself. I also feel it is important to join causes that are bigger than yourself.

Give back to your community. Give back to the world.

We all have been blessed with so much. Even with the tragedies that fall upon us we still have blessings that we should be grateful for. When you suffer a horrible tragic event, it is very hard to be grateful. But, that is the time when faith in something bigger than yourself is so important.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I lost my faith when Amber passed away. We tried so hard to help her, our family was constantly looking for help and working with her to help her. Treatment programs, therapy, 12 step programs. Researching and talking to others. Tough love, empathy, compassion. We tried. I also know many others who have lost their loved ones and also tried very hard.

Shortly after Amber passed I met Carmen Capozza from Sage’s Army, a Facebook chat turned into a phone chat, then we would met and talk. He was the person I needed at the right time. A father who knew the feelings I was going through, Amber was much more than a niece to me, more than my Goddaughter. I am very grateful for meeting Carmen, he was and is an inspiration to me, someone who I learn from and love.

My family has always be active in community service of various types. Volunteering at school events when I was a child. Volunteering and participating in different groups to offer help where they could, I learnt from them. We must be part of something bigger than ourselves.

It has been over 3 years since Amber passed and I have met so many people who are using horrible tragedies to help others. They are not ashamed. They will not be silent, they will speak up and try to help others. They will not let the loss of their loved ones be in vain.

Challenge yourself, be part of something bigger than yourself!

Rachel’s Challenge

This past week, Baldwin Whitehall School District hosted Rachel’s Challenge to the students and also to the community. I am very proud of all that Baldwin Whitehall is doing to help the children and the community. I was not able to attend the program but talked to several parents and students who did. The impact was noticeable and powerful.

Trying to show compassion and empathy to help others in need. That is what Sunflower Effect is about. A vision to help others suffering with mental illness. But, so much more…

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