Nothing To Be Ashamed Of #OverdoseDay

More families and friends are losing loved ones each day. The CDC currently estimates that 72,000 people have passed from an overdose in 2017. This is another increase from the prior year.

We are suffering a massive mental health epidemic that not only involves opioids but also alcohol and death by suicide. How many people do we have to lose before we start addressing the problem and really facing the facts that this can and does happen to ANYONE.

I was blessed that when we lost Amber I found some very wonderful people who also suffered the same tragedies. They have helped me deal with grief and also find a way to help others that I am so grateful for.

There are many of us that are out there trying to make a change. We need YOU, we need YOUR help.

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day, visit a local event. Learn about and open your hearts and minds.

Many of my friends are hosting events around the Greater Pittsburgh Area and there are events throughout the world. The video below is for an event at Trinity Episcopal Church by our friends Pittsburgh Won’t Forget U.

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