Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions

After hearing Russel Brand talk about recovering and sharing his story I had to pick up his book Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions. I couldn’t put it down!

I have been around 12 step programs for a very long time, I was introduced to the programs as a teenager. But, after reading this book I have such a better understanding of the steps. I would like to thank Russel for writing this book in such an easy to understand way. I have been discussing Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions with my mother who has a better understanding of the steps. She plans on reading it also and I am looking forward to hearing her thoughts on it.

A Way Of Life

The steps are a way of life that make you a better person, they can be applied to just about anything.

One thing that I think is so important is that the steps can be applied to anything. Addiction has many faces, we are seeing the tragic results of opioid addiction currently, but this happened also with cocaine in the past and other substances. I have read that alcohol abuse is at an all time high right now as well. This makes me think about the culture that we live in and how some substances are “acceptable” and others are not. I have lost some very close people to alcohol addiction, it may take longer but it can have a tragic ending.

Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions walks through each of the 12 steps, Russell describes how he understands the steps and offers his advice and personal history on them. I highly recommend reading his book to learn more about the 12 step programs and hear in a very raw way how Russell describes working the program. He offered examples of how he was applied the steps to make understanding better.

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