Three Years… Amber We Love You

It’s hard to believe that is has been three years now. Three very difficult years. Three years not seeing you smile or hearing you. Three years not hearing you you say “Uncle Lou”, “Love you” or hugging me.

Amber, you taught me so much and opened my mind out to see things in different ways.

Amber, you always wanted to be an aunt to your cousins, but you where so much more. You where a big sister who loved them so much, they looked up to you.

Today is a hard day. Emotions running hard thinking of you.

You said you wanted to help people, you really cared for people. Even when you where struggling. I hope I am doing what you want, sharing your story to honor you. Sharing you story to show how much compassion and love you had. People need to know what a wonderful person you where. It is hard sometimes, very hard… But, I feel closer to you when sharing you story.

You always loved sunflowers, your aunt came up with the name Sunflower Effect and we just knew it was right. This was you. A bright sunflower that could stand tall and shine on people. A sunflower that could bring brightness and light.

Amber, I love you and miss you.

– Uncle Lou

Friends, please follow Sunflower Effect and help us help people in memory of Amber and all of the people that have been lost to this horrible epidemic.

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