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This is the first time I have shared a contest, but I really think this is a good one to share and spread. Addict Chick, Amanda is person in recovery who is fighting to help others. There are so many wonderful advocates out there that are doing so much to help.

To help raise awareness she put together a contest for the next 40 days. The idea is crushing the stigma associated with drug addiction and mental health. I love this and fully support what she is doing. I actually was planning on purchasing her book to start reading based on a recommendation from a good friend who she is also friends with.

This contest also gives YOU a voice.

Please participate in this contest, share your story. There is hope, there is recovery. You have seen many of them here and on other recovery sites. I was a lucky person today and won a copy of her book that will be autographed and I am so excited to read it! I will be buying the Kindle version tonight because that is how I read. But I treasure the autographed copy.

Want to win a Monster Energy branded Fender Squire guitar signed by the band Chevelle? How about an Autographed copy of Addict Chick: Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N Roll? Or some recovery merch? For the next 40 days we will be giving out daily prizes and crushing the stigma associated with drug addiction and mental health. This contest also gives YOU a voice. You will have the opportunity to submit blog posts, clean time photos, and photos of those we have lost to this disease. Some of them will be shared across social media on different recovery pages, groups, via blogs and newsletters. The loudest voice we have is our own and together we can bring this house down!. We are using the hashtag #HopeGuitar for this promotion so blast that bad boy everywhere! All details of the contest, rules and regulations are posted in the link below. Please like, share and comment on this post to support all those that are struggling and then click the link below. Thank you to Amethyst Recovery Center and New England Recovery and Wellness for supporting my vision on spreading the message of hope. And as always- much love and gratitude to my Addict Chick family!

Love, Addict Chick


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  1. I am very interested in the Contest. I’m interested because my voice has never been heard, and I have absolutely NO support whatsoever from “family” or “friends”. When I have tried to tell my story, and talk about my addiction, people would just sit there and Judge Me, and most of all, they would say the MOST HURTFUL stuff to me about my Addiction, and everything else… And it really DOES just break my heart. I would LOVE for people to FINALLY HEAR MY VOICE!! And NOT have to worry about people bringing me down and everything else. I am so ready to share my story, especially to people who have been through similar situations because of their Drug Use. I am currently back in Active Addiction again, after being clean for the longest time I have EVER been clean for. Please, E-MAIL me, or ANYTHING.. I need someone, OR a couple different people that I can actually talk to, and tell my story…and they could actually talk to me, and tell ME their stories.
    I am ready to talk to anyone at anytime. It doesn’t matter what time. And maybe some of these people could REALLY HELP ME GET CLEAN…. ONCE and FOR ALL!!! I need and want to GET CLEAN, and most importantly, STAY CLEAN. I want ALL of MY children back, and am more than ready to live the “Family Life” that I have been WANTING, and DREAMING ABOUT for a WHILE NOW. Thank you so much. PLEASE get in contact with me ANYTIME!!

    1. Hello Amanda,
      First I am so sorry to hear what is going on. There are a lot of people that really care and want to help. I have seen it so much. Loosing family and friends to this horrible crisis has changed my life and has made me really think about what is important. Below is the link to the contest, you can also go to I know she has some good groups and I know others online.


      We are available at

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