Battle Rebels Against Drugs

Sunday while at the UR Way Memorial I met so many amazing people, this is a common occurrence at many events. Many of the people in attendance have been where we are. We refer to this crisis as an addiction epidemic because that is really what it is. We are seeing addiction at enormous rates and sadly also overdoses. What scares me is focusing on one substance, right now opioids are the focal point. But that can easily be changed to any other substance. We have seen people pass from alcohol, cocaine and several other substances.

Battle Rebels Against Drugs —–> B.R.A.D.

I met Brandyn on Sunday and felt an instant connection to him and his family. Brandyn created B.R.A.D, Battle Rebels Against Drugs in honor of his brother Bradley. BRAD is on Facebook and I highly recommend you check them out. During the memorial, Brandyn sang a song that he wrote and I wanted to share it here. I am sharing two versions of the song, one that was performed at UR Way Memorial and also one from his Youtube Channel.

The song, Hope, written and performed by Brandyn of Battle Rebels Against Drugs, this is very powerful and touching song. Hearing Brandyn perform in at the UR Way Memorial was just amazing. The instrumental is from Magestick Records.


Lyrics- Xarma

Performed live at UR Way Memorial

On Brandyn’s Channel

An acronym made in honor of Bradley George Massie, 25, of Monaca, Pennsylvania, by his brother Brandyn Massie. A heroin overdose claimed Brad’s life on February 18. 2015 and struck the hearts of many addicts and families across the nation. Brad’s spirit lives on this page, being the voice of those whose lives were cut short, way before their time. B.R.A.D. is telling the stories of those who have died as a result of active addiction as well as stories of RECOVERY with an end result of quite the opposite. Stories of death and despair. Stories of LIFE and HOPE navigating this one day at a time journey. We do this out of LOVE for the people in our nation and the nations of others who battle the disease of alcoholism and addiction. Telling the stories of those who have died from the disease of addiction in hopes that they will save lives.

The goals of Battle Rebels Against Drugs are aligned very closely with Sunflower Effect and are listed below.

  • To overcome the stigma of addiction by establishing roots in the community through service and outreach.
  • To help others gain new perspectives and ways of looking at adversity as an opportunity for growth.
  • To share a message of inspiration, faith, hope and love.
  • To curtail the overdose deaths from the opiate epidemic that is splitting the nation in two.
  • To unite addicts, their families and support networks.

“The only way that we are going to be able to arrest the disease of addiction is by gaining humility, understanding that we can all learn from each other. We must unite addicts with non-addicts, for any hope to combat these demons, sending the message that these are good people with a bad disease, not the other way around.”

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