Pittsburgh Won’t Forget U


Thank you Pittsburgh Won’t Forget U for hosting a wonderful event in memory of all of our loved ones. Sunday was a beautiful day and the scenic park of West End Overlook added to the atmosphere. Attending memorials are difficult, but one thing that I find about them is the amount of love present.

I was honored to be asked to read names, it is not easy but I feel it is necessary for us to make sure people realize that each of the people are loved. Each was suffering and fighting this disease. We have to put names to the numbers, there are 174 people losing their battle on a daily basis in the United States. Each of those people are loved, they are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, loved ones to people. They are not just a number.

There are many organizations working hard to fight the stigma and help people suffering. Jeanna and her organization Pittsburgh Won’t Forget U understands this and organized this beautiful memorial.

We must end the stigma, we must show compassion and love to everyone. It is not easy, we the loved ones know that. We live

the pain on a daily basis, we struggle to find help for our loved ones. The stigma no only prevents people battling addiction but also their family and friends from getting the help they need.

UR Way Memorial was filled with loved. Walking and talking with so many people I had a connection with. I may have just met them but we knew each other. I met so many wonderful people today. There is a special bond that we all have and together we will continue to fight to help others and save lives.

Once again, thank you Jeanne and Pittsburgh Won’t Forget U for hosting today’s event and for bringing us all together.

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