Rest In Peace Brain and Jim

Last night at 9:00 PM, my cousin Brain passed. He struggled for a very long time, the last four weeks where very tough and emotional as he laid unresponsive in the hospital. Family was gather regularly to visit him and keeping our hopes up. Monday, he was removed from life support, it took some time but he is now at peace and no longer has to fight this battle.

Monday, after arriving home from the hospital, a call came in. A very good friend of Amber’s had passed away. He was doing so good, he was trying so hard. He is now at peace and no longer has to fight this battle either.

Sitting here this morning, sipping my coffee before work, I am thinking of Amber, Brian, Jim and so many others that no longer have to fight this battle. My heart is so heavy, tears are so common. I know that they are all at peace now, I find some peace in that.

But, the sadness and memories flood my mind. Raising very fast and coming at anytime.

There are so many people struggling with addiction, addiction affects more people that you realize. You may know someone who is suffering and they are hiding it from him. You may say things that further shame them without even realizing it. Addiction changes a person, it affects their brain and takes a grip that is so strong.

Make a difference and show love and compassion. Every single person can make a difference. Doing something as simple as showing compassion to another person. Have conversations and build or rebuild relationships, let people know that you care, not just in words but in actions.

We will not stop fighting this battle, we will continue to help. Please, do something nice for another person today. Open your heart and show compassion and love. Kind words can make a difference to someone, you may never know it.

Stop. Hug your children, your family, your friends. Sit outside and just talk.

Rest In Peace Brain and Jim. Rest In Peace the so many others that will loose their battle today.

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