We MUST Change The World

Life is tough.

I have been battling my depression and anxiety a lot lately. I go through phases with it through the years that I have been dealing with it. Depression slows me down sometimes. But, it does not stop me. I have NOT quit and never will quit.

I believe with all of my heart that we have to work together to change the world. We are loosing so many people to mental illness including addiction and suicide. We have to stop and look at ourselves and see how we can help others.

My cousin is fighting for his life, unconscious and not responsive for nearly four weeks now. Seeing him lay there with help breathing is heart breaking. It brings me back to when we lost Amber. We lost Amber quick and suddenly, there was not chance for revival when she was found. Many of you can relate and know the heart break all to well.

Sunflower Effect’s mission is to help others and bring awareness and change the conversation. Addiction is a mental illness and there are many mental illnesses that re stigmatized. We are blessed that there are so many advocates that are fighting to change the world and save lives.

This month is Mental Health Month, we will see a lot on social media about mental health.

I challenge you to do more than just share on social media, reach out to someone, talk to them. Sit down and just talk. Call them on the phone and check in. Send a text to see if someone is doing ok or would like to spend some time together. Let’s do more than just share information on social media, let’s connect with people. Let’s build or rebuild a relationship and let people know that we care and are here to help.

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