Sunflower Effect – Feb 2018 Update

Sunflower Effect News and Updates

We have been hard at work on several little projects and are excited to be part of change, together we can change the world. This is something that we believe deep in our hearts. There are so many wonderful advocates fighting the battle to help others and save lives. We must change how addiction and mental illness are discussed in our communities. Creating a safe and compassionate atmosphere where people will reach out for help.

Web Site Update and Advocate Profiles

The Sunflower Effect web site is a central part of our vision, this is the place to find all information about what we are doing and also what other advocates are doing. We belive we must work together, that is one of the reasons we are adding advocate profiles to the site. The idea is to have profiles of advocates, as well as provide place for advocates to announce what they are doing. Please continue to submit your profile or suggest a profile. As we work on the profiles we would like to have a way of “vetting” advocates.

School Programs

We must continue to educate our children about the consequences of drugs as well as create a safe environment for reaching out for help. We have seen some wonderful programs being introduced in the schools, We are blessed to be part of some of them and encourage you to reach out to your schools to ask about bring programs into your schools. If you have ideas or programs that you would recommend please let us know.

Change The Conversation

Addiction is a mental illness, it is definite in the DSM and affects how the brain operates. Compassion and empathy are vital to helping others. We must change the conversation, how we talk about mental illness is so important. Our dream discussions about mental wellbeing will be a normal part of life. We talk about healthy eating, exercise and so many others, but mental wellbeing is left to hide in the corner. There are huge strides being made, but encouragement about discussing your mental wellbeing should be something that is encouraged and applauded. If our mental health is not in order, all other aspects of our life can quickly fall apart.

Contribute Your Story

Would you like to contribute your story of hope and recovery to Sunflower Effect, we would be honored to have quest posts from others with passion to help contribute their stories. We all have a story and sharing our stories a helps to change the conversation and also inspire people. If you are interested in contributing a guest posts please contact us.

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