What Do You Need For Your Mental Health?

Do you know what your mental health needs are?

I have been talking to my friend Bipolar Barbie a lot, she is a very inspiring woman who really makes me think. I like to think through and understand as much as possible. Keeping an open mind is very important, you can’t understand someone if you don’t keep your mind open to HEAR them. I am very grateful for our friendship and encourage you to watch her videos.

There are several really good videos needs that Bipolar Barbie has created. Do you really know what you need? I mean for your mental health and really need? I have been thinking about that, what do I need?

I need to be understood and listened to. I don’t like when someone shuts me down without ever really listening to what I am thinking. We don’t have to agree, but at least understand what I am saying.

I need to have good conversations that make me think. I like to think and challenge my thinking, it feels good to really take time to think about my thinking and challenge my thoughts. That doesn’t mean I will change my mind, but I will understand the other perspective better.

I am thinking more about what I really need for my mental health and would love to hear what you need?

Do you really know what you need?

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