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Personally, I have been around recovery programs for the majority of my life. Having family members who suffer with addiction and myself battling with drug abuse for a time, I know the horrible battle. I have severe depression and anxiety, suffering from panic attacks regularly. I was blessed that I could step away and change my path and work with my medical providers for treatment for depression and anxiety. This does NOT mean I am cured, it means I am working a road of recovery. I still have panic attacks and I times of depression.

Many people are not so lucky and have to continue to fight strong cravings of addiction or are not being treated for their mental illness. My experiences have provided me with a very powerful respect and admiration for people in recovery. I understand the battle. I have seen people who start the journey and then slip. I have also suffered the tragic loss of someone very close who suffered addiction and mental illness. Sunflower Effect was created in her memory.

Amber K. Mersing Foundation, Inc. operating as The Sunflower Effect was created in memory Amber, a beautiful, intelligent, caring young women who lost her battle to addiction.

Our goal is to keep raising awareness and help promote and push for new and innovative ways to battle the addiction epidemic and mental illness that are taking away so many loved ones. I ask that you look at addiction and mental illness with an open mind. Show compassion and empathy. Remember they are someone’s loved one. Remember that they fighting a constant battle. There is a lot of research available about addiction as well as how shaming a person does the complete opposite of what may be intended.

I dream that we will live in a world free from addiction and mental illness. The devastating effects on the person suffering, the family and the community have horrible effects on everyone.

Communities are deeply affected by addiction and mental illness; we must bring the battle to the communities and have everyone involved. The chances are high that you know someone who is an active addict, recovering or lost someone to addiction or mental illness. They may not be sharing this information with you or they may be wishing you would be there to support them for the first steps to recovery.

Open your heart and show compassion and empathy and help change the world.

The goal of the Sunflower Effect is to raise awareness to addiction, overdose,recovery and mental illness. We are in the beginning of a horrible health crisis that is taking too many lives. Each addict is someone’s loved one, the nightmare of addiction affects so many people through so many ways. — Read more.

We can not do this along, none of us can. Together we can fight this battle and bring compassion and love to the world. I would like to ask you to please join Sunflower Effect.

Would you like to join a Facebook Live and talk about your mission, your recovery, your hope. Share your talents and dream of how to bring hope and recovery to the world. Together we can do this, together we can change the work.

Be the change. Help be a catalyst to change the world. 

Please comment below how you can be a catalyst for change.

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