People Should NOT Be Afraid to Ask For Help

People might not say that are afraid to ask for help, but if you Lisa then you could hear it. Why?


It’s that simple, a lot of people are afraid of getting help because of the stigma attached to their suffering or the thought of getting help. Why do we have to look down on people who need help, it doesn’t matter what kind of help they need, if they need and want help they should get it. There are many sources for help with mental illness but if people hear you suffer from depression, addiction, bipolar or another mental illness people look at you different.

If someone has cancer or heart disease we expect them to get help and don’t look down on them. We are willing to help people suffering but when the problem shifts to a mental illness everything changes.

Someone passes away from an overdoes or by suicide, many people hide the cause of death. They know the stigma and the reactions many people will have. You are suffering from the loss, but you don’t want to say what really happened because you know how the conversations will go. Many people belive that you should let a person overdoes, people feel that suicide is because you are weak. The fact of the matter is you don’t know the fight the person is battling, you don’t know how much they are trying. You don’t know what caused their illness. The family is affected deeply and they need support also.

Grief is Grief.

It is so much harder to deal with grief alone. No support system around because you feel the need to hide what is going on. The grief can be for someone that is still actively using or suffering another mental illness.

People need to stop judging others and remember that each person is somebody’s loved one. Each person is loved and missed. I believe that people need to have strong relationships to be there for them. Promoting the stigma of addiction and mental illness slows or stops people from asking for help. It not only slows or stops the person suffering with addiction or mental illness but also the family and loved ones of the person. These diseases affect the entire family, everyone that loves and cares for the person is suffering also.

How can we change this?

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