Mental exhaustion is well exhausting!

When you love someone and they are struggling it is exhausting. You are trying to help them, you want to be there for them. If you are dealing with someone who has a mental illness that just magnifies it more. They may not realize that they need help. They may feel they have it under control. If you combine this with a teenager, add in the normal rebellious nature of teenagers.

Let Them Be

Sometimes they just need space and need to work through what is going on by their selves.  Be there for them, let them know you are there and ready to help. Monitor what is going own to make sure they are safe. Part of growing up is dealing with some horrible events and we have to learn how to deal with them. Mental illness can make those events much worse and make you isolate. Try to be there, validate what they are feeling. You may not understand, tell them. Tell them you don’t understand but you are there.

Listen, Really Listen

Listen to them, really listen. Don’t just sit there and think of your response, listen to what they are saying. To many people don’t really listen to what is being said, they are to busy thinking of what their response will be. They may just need to know you are listening, to know you are there.



Yes, life is exhausting many times. It seems like you are constantly battling day in and day out. Trying to deal with situations and events.

How do you deal with the exhaustion of your thoughts? 


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