Recovery Army

I have shared posts from Chanda before, I have setup a special page just for her. She is a talented and inspiration person that is fighting the addiction epidemic. While watching her I discovered Michael R. DeLeon and the Recovery Army!

“On the Road to Recovery” recently visited Jamestown, New York and had the honor to sit down with Chanda Lynn, a gifted poet and Recovery Advocate that is literally changing the conversation and serves as a voice of collaboration… Bringing everyone together to deal with this social health crisis that affects us all.
Another Peter Finestone / Low Blow Production!

Visit for more stories of Recovery and Hope

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I reached out to Michael to talk and we had a great conversation. He is very passionate about helping people, he is trying very hard to save lives and help people on their journey to recovery.

Thank you Michael for talking to me today. Your passion for the mission and saving lives is

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