Do They Need Help?

I want to help.

How do you help someone who doesn’t think they need help? When you love someone you want to help them, you want to be there for them. But, what do you do when the person doesn’t want help? Maybe they don’t feel they need help.

Watching someone on the verge of self-destruction is a horrible feeling of helplessness. You reach out and try, but are pushed away. Do you give them space to figure out it? Do you just try to be there when they are ready?

Mental illness can take many different forms. It can hide itself from the person suffering, they may not see the things they are doing are hurting themselves. I have learned and continue to learn how how to help. I want to help.

One thing I have battled with is knowing what to do and how to help. How to take care of myself at the same time. When you feel like you are being pushed away it hurts. The person doesn’t intend to do that. Understanding their feelings is very important. Understanding their needs and their language of love. How can you communicate with them so they know you are there for them, how can you protect them and still protect yourself?

Loving a person means that you are there for them. You want to help them, you want to be there for them. Watching someone in pain is horrible, it hurts. When they don’t want help it is confusing. Sometimes they need to have their space. They need to work their thoughts out. They need to know that you are there for them.

I have been watching my friend’s videos on personal needs and reflecting on this while dealing with issues that I am battling. Adding in the language of love to the needs sounds very important. Life is a journey, we have to continue to learn and learning how to be there for your loved one is the most important part I feel. I want to learn how to be there, how to help.

I put her videos into a playlist for me to quickly go back to and reflect on. I find this information so useful.

What do you do if someone you cares about doesn’t want help?

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