We Can Change The World!


Sunflower Effect is dedicated to helping people affected by mental illness. Addiction is a mental illness, it changes the way the brain works. Recovery is a personal journey that is different for each person. Some may choose to share their recovery story and others may not, which is a personal decision.

Awareness & Compassion

We would like to continue to spread awareness and help people in need. We are loosing so many loved ones on a daily basis across the globe. We feel that community is very important to addressing this epidemic. Building relationships with others that share a similar story and are wiling to help each other is vital. It is so important the we have an open ear and show compassion and empathy. People are in need, people are struggling every day. We have to stand up and be heard. We have to let everyone know that we want a world full of compassion and empathy. A world where we help each other and build them up.

Recovery Advocates

At Sunflower Effect, we have been blessed to meet many wonderful people who are also recovery advocates. Please look at the Recovery Advocates page for a list of advocates.

We are very excited to say that we are beginning a new project where we will be compiling profiles of advocates To submit your advocacy go here. The goal is to write a profile about the advocate as well as have a video with the advocate to talk about their mission.

We must all work together to help others, we can CHANGE THE WORLD!

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