Depression and Exercise


Depression is much more than just being sad. It’s the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. This feeling stays and may take small breaks but seems to creep back out and take a strong hold. Constantly thinking about the negative and not looking at the positives. Not realizing that there is so much to be grateful for, instead thoughts be stuck not feeling anything will have work out or get better.


I have to say that I hate taking medication for this. But I have been on it for so long I don’t remember what it is like not to take my daily medicine. I noticed that when I was exercise regularly I was able to have my dosage lowered and had much better feelings. I have read that exercise is very good to help with depression, but when I started a regular exercise routine last yearI truly saw it firsthand. I have kept that routine for almost another year, gain the weight I lost and also had to have my medicine increased.

Bonding With Teenagers

My daughter has been pushing me to go to the gym with her. We started last week, it is really nice. I have talked about how it is difficult to transition from parenting a younger child (or preteen) to a teenage. This new exercise routine that she wants to do with me is a great step in the right direction. It is good for our relationship and also good for my mental health (and physical health). I have to say, going to the gym and working out with her is a lot of fun, we both have our earphones in, but talk sometimes and laugh and smile at each other. It’s nice time to bond, just her and I.

Something this simple as going to the gym with my teenage daughter makes her happy, makes me happy and is good for both of us. It is great time for the two of us to talk and just hang out together.

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