#RecoverOrDIE Tour

I have been following Chanda for a while. Her creative and touching poetry has always touched me. Her passion for helping others is what the spirit of recovery is like in my opinion.

Today, she was joined on a Facebook Live with Tw1tch to announce that she will be joining the #RecoverOrDIE U.S. Tour! Listening to them both talk about tour was so exciting! I am hoping that this tour will make it to Pittsburgh, PA so I can attend. Let’s spread the word and help save lives!

  • 35 City National Tour Targeting High Risk Markets
  • Providing Full Paid Scholarships for Detox and In-Patient Treatment
  • Treatment Center Visits /  Group Therapy Sessions
  • Introduction to Recovery Music Group and Rap Therapy Treatment

Above are some of the highlights listed about the #RecoverOrDIE Tour, read all of the highlights here.



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