Post Overdose Response Team Coming to South Hills of Pittsburgh

I was very honored when Natalia Rudiak reached out to me about joining a new task force, The South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition (SPOAC). Many members of Pittsburgh’s South Hills joined together that are passionate about helping fight this epidemic and willing to work together.

The epidemic that has taken so many lives around the globe and right here in our very own community. I grew up in Carrick, I attended Carrick High School. I lost my beautiful niece Amber in Carrick from an accidental overdose. I believe that we must do more and am honored to be part of such an amazing team of people who want to help others. We can change the world, one neighborhood at a time.


Recovery is possible! I know this. I know many people in recovery and know that they have the biggest hearts and passion to help others.

PORT – “Post Overdose Response Team”, involves the City of Pittsburgh, a South Hills Coalition and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania. The PORT was modeled from similar programs in Ohio that use a combination of law enforcement, peer recovery specialists and community paramedics to respond to overdose calls.

The Drug Abuse Response Team (DART, Lucas County) and the Quick Response Team (QRT, Colerian Township and Summit County) are models of The PORT. Since its inception in 2014, DART has assisted with 2,300 overdose survivors in accessing treatment with a 74% linkage rate to detox and treatment programs.  Read more.

I am very excited about this new program and looking forward to see a change in the tragic trend taking so many people away. Recovery is possible! The PORT sounds like a very compassionate and helpful way to reach people in a time of need and help them move to a road to recovery.

I am very hopeful that The PORT in combination with the declaration by Governor Wolf that we will start to see a change. Let’s become part of the solution, let’s show empathy and compassion. Let’s help people.

Learn more about PA Opioid Overdose Reduction Technical Assistance Center below.

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