It’s Going To Hurt!

As many of you know I follow several advocates that I find to have very good information that I relate to. Richard, has been one. He is not only qualified with the education but also with the life experience.

His first car rant of 2018 is a great topic and is well worth the listen. It’s a short video, I usually just listen to the videos that I reference here. I either have them on my ear buds or playing in the car as I drive. Phone is face down, I listen not watch the video! 🙂

When you realize that your loved one suffers from addiction (substance use disorder) or any mental illness, it is going to HURT! It is going to hurt bad. You will cry, I know I did and still do. Everyone has opinions, you know the old saying. But, many also judge which hurts and makes people afraid to reach out for help.

One thing that I have found is the reaching out for help, any help that is healthy is good for you. I need to talk and listen. Share experiences, I don’t give advice. I will talk about what I am trying and the results I am seeing.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts?

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