Vent… Stop The Hate!

I need to vent…

I am working on a new post about a new program getting ready to launch in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The program, Post-Overdose Response Team (PORT), will dispatch a team after an overdose to help people get into treatment. This program is modeled from another city and has shown some great results.

Reading an article on PORT, I made the mistake of reading comments…. ??

I am sure you know where I am going. The hate in the comments is just so disgusting. Why do so many people just not care. People don’t have empathy or compassion. There are so many people suffering from the DISEASE of addiction, yes DISEASE! Addiction is a disease, there is science that proves this. The first time may have been a choice, but we have ALL made mistakes that we regret! People are suffering from alcoholism, which is on a rise in the United States. People are suffering from diabetes and obesity, both of these can be caused by choices initially.

You do not know the reason a person is in the place they are. You also don’t know why they are struggling to fight to get to recovery. I am not saying remove accountability, but compassion and empathy! Each of the people who suffer from addiction are loved by someone. They are someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent (YES, grandparent!), niece, nephew or friend. They live is turned upside done and you don’t know why. Did they suffer a horrible tragedy, where they abused or assaulted. Did they have surgery and where overprescribed addictive medicine.

You don’t know. Please show compassion and stop the hate!

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