Month: December 2017

Happy Holidays… Remember To Help Others

We would like to take the time to wish each and every one of your a very happy holiday season. This time of year is supposed to be a time full of joy and happiness. A time to gather with the people you care about and have fun. This time of year is especially hard for many people. They may hide it behind a fake smile. They may just not celebrate or isolate themselves. They may appear as if nothing is wrong, but inside they are fighting a battle with their own mind. I have always had problems during...

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Santa Sock Drive!

Sunflower Effect is dedicated to raising awareness and compassion for people with mental illness and addiction. A big part of that is fighting the stigma and having compassion and empathy. Today,  we would like to share something a little different. A young woman at Baldwin High School started a project, “Santa Sock Drive!”, her goal is collect socks for comfort kids in need. She is showing empathy and compassion for those in need. The drop off is at Baldwin High School. All socks will donations will be given to South Hills Interfaith Ministries. It is so heartwarming to see a...

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How Could You Leave Us

My wife shared this song with me a few days ago, it is so powerful that I had to share it. Addiction takes such a strong grip on people that change their thought process and moral measures. People will do things that are not in their nature and they are not proud of it. Then, as they try to work on recovery their actions haunt them and sometimes pull them back so they can cope with it. This is not the way to cope, there are so many healthy ways to cope with your past and work on recovery....

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