"Empathy is feeling with people"

I have been on vacation for the holiday, it’s been tough. Holidays are tough times for so many people. I was able to watch and read more while on vacation.

I find that listening, reading or watching is helpful for me. Understanding others’ experiences and stories is a way to build empathy.  Finding stories that you relate to help so much. We are not alone in this battle. Others are struggling, some have it much harder also. In our heads we may feel that we are the only one and no one else understands. But, the truth is many other people understand also. Alyssa shared her mission with this TED Tak, record here in Pittsburgh, about the Anonymous Open Mic project and Inside Our Minds that she started.

Empathy is feeling with people” (Brene Brown),


Inside Our Minds provides a way for people to share their stories which helps the person as well as anyone willing to listen. LISTENING is so important to understanding anything.  I have not heard this quote before listening to Ashley’s talk. Ashley then added that what better way to feel with someone than to hear and relate to their story. The goal of Open Mic by Inside Our Minds is to bring a person’s story to life.

Anonymous Open Mic is a storytelling project working to build a community narrative around mental illness in Pittsburgh. Pittsburghers affected by mental illness can submit a short story, poem, or spoken word piece anonymously online. Community members can then volunteer to perform the anonymous works in front of a live audience on behalf of the anonymous storytellers. – Inside Our Minds (Open Mic)


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