What About Alcohol?

We are living in a time where substances and behaviors are taking control in negative and devasting ways. We have talked about the stigma of addiction and mental health many times and how this needs to stop.

We have pharmaceutical companies advertising about their drugs to the general public.  Commercials telling people to ask their doctors about specific drugs. From what I have heard and I would love to know from others that we in the United States are the only country that allows prescription drugs to be advertised to the general public. Drugs that you need to have a prescription to obtain legally.

Alcohol. Let’s talk about drinking. I am sure I am not different but I grew up seeing drinking as part of any gathering. If you have company you have alcohol available. Some people drink in moderation and some drink excessive. Many people look forward to weekends and holidays as time to over drink. This is the model that are being set for our children. Seeing that as adults you gather and drink and many times over drink.

More Americans are drinking alcohol, and a growing number of them are drinking to a point that’s dangerous or harmful, according to a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry this week.  Read more.

We can not go to an event without alcohol, amusement parks for families sell alcohol for the parents. What image are we setting for our children when we can not attend events without alcohol being available. People become shocked when kids then try to emulate what they are seeing.

We are living in an #AddictionEpidemic that much be addressed by everyone.

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