Holiday Seasons Blues – Show Compassion

The holiday season is on us. Starting with Thanksgiving we “officially” enter the holiday season, a time to gather with family and friends. At Thanksgiving we give thanks for all of the blessings in our life.

There are many of us who have empty chairs at our tables. There are many that do not have a table to sit at. There are many that don’t have a house to be in.

The Holiday Seasons, a time when family and friends come together, is a hard time for me. It has been difficult for me for a long time, it was easier when my children where younger. As a person who suffers depression, a battle occurs daily that I fight. The battle I fight is in my head and I try to hide it as much as possible. There are so many people who have depression and they come in all ages.

For many people this may be the first holiday with an empty chair at their table. This also may be the first holiday without a table or a home. Missing a loved one during the holiday is so hard, this is a special time when people come together and hear you about visits with loved ones. This is also a time when depression is harder, something about the holidays makes it so much harder than other times of the year.

Anyone can make a difference in a person’s life. Sometimes a simple smile to a person or saying hello can make all the difference to them. I believe we need more compassion in the world and we also need to have more empathy. If you have empathy compassion will follow, I believe. Once you start to understand and put yourself in another person’s shoes without judging compassion will come. Simply spending time with a person and letting them know that you are there is a powerful gift that anyone can give another person.

Today, look for your blessings, no matter how small and be grateful for what you have. The smalls things that you have may be huge for other people. Your family sitting together around a hot meal is something that not everyone has. Many of us take this for granted, but it is a blessing.

Spread joy and happiness to others. Check on your neighbors and friends, they may be suffering and you are not aware of it. A simple call saying hello could brighten their day. Not a text, I was reminded of that, pick up the phone and call or better yet stop and visit. Brighten someone’s day.

Personally, holidays have always been hard for me. They are a sad time that I try to “fake” happiness. I am not alone and I know that. There are many people, like me, who would prefer to skip the holiday and some of the emptiness it brings.

Today and through the holiday season please try to be kind and show compassion to everyone.

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