We Can Change The World!

We truly believe that it is possible to change the world. Every single person can help change the world by doing small things.

A friend’s son recent was recently recognized by a local school district with a group of friends, all 3rd graders. They worked together to build a “buddy bench” for their school as well as other schools in their districts. They didn’t stop there though, they also put a plan together to use the buddy bench and help other children in the school with the bench.

His dad told him about the Buddy Bench program, where benches are installed in places like the recess area at school, and a lonely child sits when they want someone to come play with them. Read More.

As a school board director, I get to see children recognized for “Doing The Right Thing” at the second meeting of the month. Hearing the stories about what children are doing to help others is just amazing. Their actions are changing the world.

“I want to make an impact on the world now,” – Jack Jr (3rd grader)

The quote above from a 3rd grader, he and his friends know they can make a difference. As we grow older many people lose that belief, the world hardens us as we see so much sadness. That needs to be changed, we can change the world. Small changes in what we do can have a major impact on people. We don’t know what effect a smile or saying something night can have on a person.

The Buddy Bench Club is about playing with friends that don’t have anyone to play with. It is also about helping friends that are sad turn their frowns upside down. Check out their site and help them.

What can you do? We would love to hear your ideas on how you can help. Random acts of kindness to people you know or don’t know. Positive words of encouragement and support. The ideas are endless.

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