Thank You Baldwin-Whitehall Addiction Program

Over the past two years, Baldwin-Whitehall has been working hard on increasing the programs available to students and the community on addiction. We are very proud of everyone involved to help educate not only our children but the community.

The program has been growing and recently the district re-activated the Alcohol and Drug Task Force. The goal of the task force is to look for more ways to help our students and community to educate and help people struggling with addiction and prevent people from experimenting with substances.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, the district recognized and thanked two alumni who have come forward to speak to students about their addiction and recovery. This year, 2017, the alumni spoke to all middle school students. Last year, they spoke to the senior class. The response from both parents and students was amazing. We have heard about the students going home and starting the conversation about addiction and what they heard from Brianna and Ryan with their families. The students said they where touched and amazed at seeing people who have walked the same halls as they describe their struggles and now their recovery.

Dr. Lutz knew both Brianna and Ryan and was able to provide a very powerful introduction as he remembered both of them when they were in middle school.

Watch below as Baldwin-Whitehall thanks, Brianna and Ryan for having the courage and strength to speak to our students.

We would love to see the program that Baldwin-Whitehall has to grow even more, which I know it will and also to see other districts follow the lead of Baldwin-Whitehall. If any district would like to talk please reach out to us and we can help bring alumni to their district to speak.

The addiction epidemic is taking grips of so many people, this epidemic is more than just heroin but also alcohol and other substances and behaviors. We must speak up and come together to help people.

Below are some related posts on Baldwin-Whitehall and the programs they have been doing. This is just the start.

Thank you, Brianna and Ryan.

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