Change The World, Have Compassion and Empathy

The image and text featured in this post was found on a addiction recovery group. But, I feel it applies to so much more.

“Here’s to those who wake up every morning

to fight a battle that no one understands.

Let me hear you yell,

“HELL YEAH”!” – Ahmed K

These words are so true, read them and believe in yourself.. I know how hard it is to fight something every day that no one understands. I know this not only personally but also in many family and friends of mine that I care so deeply about.

As a person who suffers chronic depression and panic attacks, which many people do not understand, I feel the battle each and every day. Sometimes just getting up and out of bed is so hard to do. Opening my eyes in the morning and forcing myself to get up out of bed is a struggle sometimes. But, I have to do it and will do it. I will fight and continue to fight. I will fight for my family, friends and myself.

Sunflower Effect has been quiet so far this month for Recovery Month; I am going through some difficult situations that I am working through. I may be quiet but I will not quit. Sometimes in life and in a battle we have to rest and regroup. I have to focus on what is most important and right now I am needed and trying to figure out how to help someone who I love more than life itself.

Today, I ask each and every one of you to stop and think about people who are battling something that you don’t understand. How do you help them? How do you hurt them, intentionally or unintentionally? Words are very powerful and can have lasting effects on people. We all need to remember than and speak with compassion and love. The world is full of beautiful people who are in desperate need of help, the help they need could be as simple as listening to them.

Show love to people, you never will know how powerful a smile can be and the effect it will have one a person.

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