Time To Remember: Community Comes Together

The most unfortunate thing about this article is that you took pictures of an amazing event that was put together by a group of volunteers who truly care about making a difference in our community, and placed them with an article that gives a negative view of addiction.

It is ridiculous!

Here is how the article should have gone in my opinion:

Countless community agencies, volunteers, and community members gathered together in unity to recognize the toll of drug overdoses on our county on International Overdose Awareness Day. Last year, according to coroner Ken Bacha’s statistics, Westmoreland county lost 174 people to overdose.

County officials and organizations are recognizing that punitive jail sentences are not cutting down on recidivism, or tax dollars.

In fact as a nation, we are seeing the long term effects that providing quality treatment can not only decrease overdose rates, but drastically cut down on costs for tax payers and prevents recidivism. It also provides the people living with a substance abuse disorder a better opportunity to find recovery which enables them to be productive members of society. In the past, Westmoreland County has struggled to work together on this issue, but on this day organizations like SPHS, the Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission, Certified Recovery Specialists, and grassroots organization Sages Army came together to collaborate for the county’s Overdose Awareness Day.

The overall atmosphere of this event was hopeful. Although we lost 174 people last year to the disease of addiction, we are reminded that there are over 23 million people living in recovery. September is National Recovery Month, and hopefully if we can continue to work together as a community like we did on August 31st, we will be able to reduce our numbers of overdose deaths and increase the amount of people in recovery.

Written by: Sarah M.

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