Amber Ashes – An Ode

My daughter wrote this in school this week and then read it during Overdose Awareness Candlelight Vigil.

Amber Ashes

Shiny as a fresh diamond.

Important like a medal.

It’s the one, no necklace can replace.

Filled with memories and laughter.

It feels as if she was still here, as if the necklace holds her joy. Two full years, fighting through the third.

Fighting the grief, as if it were the drugs to kill her. Throwing punches and kicks showing our anger and hurt.

We have our days where we sob, and think. Why didn’t I help? How didn’t I know? Wait no, I need to keep fighting, I can’t give up now.

This is our fight, let’s take over. Let’s focus on the present, remember the past. You can’t change it, but let’s fight for the present.

Let’s stop this pain and turn it into anger. Fight for lives, stop this heart break.

Jail them dealers, save the addicts. Let’s fight till we’re loud enough. Till the world can hear us.

This isn’t just a necklace, it’s an object with a meaning. This necklace is a fight, story and more.

This object isn’t just a necklace anymore. It’s filled with emotion. Let’s end this heartbreak!

Let’s fight, fight, fight!




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