Overdose Awareness Day Events

International Overdose Awareness Day is on August 31st. Below are some of the events that I know of in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

If you have others that you would like to add please send them to me with an image, time, location and link. I will try to add them.

An inspired idea

International Overdose Awareness Day originated in Melbourne, Australia in 2001.

More than a decade on, what began as an event in the back yard of a suburban crisis centre in Melbourne has evolved into International Overdose Awareness Day with a commitment to raising awareness that the tragedy of overdose death is preventable.

Beginning in 2012 International Overdose Day was organized by the non-profit Australian public health body Anex, which in April 2014 became a program of newly launched Penington Institute.

A full international list is available on the International Overdose Awareness Day site here.


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