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Today, we would like to share some very good articles on addiction and resources.

U.S. charges more than 400 people in health fraud schemes and opioid scams worth $1.3 billion

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions said the record number of arrests, which included more than 120 people allegedly involved in prescribing opioids, are a preview of a more aggressive approach to combating the nation’s spiraling epidemic of drug addiction. Read more.

Use Narcan every time – no exception

First, let’s start with the responsibilities of doctors and first responders. They are not tasked with judging the person that they find incapacitated. Their job is to save lives; there is no demarcation between the lives of the sober or the addicted, or between the righteous or the depraved. Read more.


While Chanda Lynn is glad to see health-care institutions and public agencies taking action, she believes the real change must come from someplace much deeper: the way our society looks at users. Addicts are often doomed to relapse when they return to a society where they face stigma and lack of opportunity, she says. Read more.

Governor Wolf Voices Support for House Bill that Makes Opioid Education Mandatory in Schools

HB1190 would require the Department of Education to work with the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs to provide guidance and recommendations designed to help school districts with the development and implementation of research-based curriculum guidelines for an effective age-appropriate, school-based program of instruction in substance abuse prevention and intervention. Read more.

Sage’s Army

Recovery Cartel: Family Recovery


Not One More Pittsburgh Chapter

Ambridge Vigil 2017 Memorial Video



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