Recovery Cartel: Family Recovery

img_2400Last night was an amazing night. I visited my friend Carmen at Sage’s Haven and listened to my friend Rich Jones speak about Family Recovery.

I was inspired and energized with the talk as well as the wonderful group of people that filled the room. Everyone there has suffered in some way from this horrible health crisis and are fighting to help others. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet several people that I have not met in person before and look forward to seeing them again soon. I am proud and honored to call everyone my friends, my partners in this movement.

Families need to be empowered, provided the tools and knowledge to help fight this health crisis. Listening to Rich and talking with other people in recovery and joining the Recovery Cartel movement was an amazing experience.

“Cartel–an arrangement between parties to promote a mutual interest or goal… “

We need to have a radical change in how we treat addiction, we need to have the family involved. We need to have people on the ground helping with compassion, love, honesty and integrity. I believe with all of my heart that we can do this.

I believe that we can change the world. 

At Sunflower Effect we are trying to bring new ways of thinking to the South Hills of Pittsburgh and beyond with our many friends. With help from Rich, Carmen and so many others we can create innovative ways to help people.

Together we can change the world.

There are so amazing things that are in progress and we are excited to be able to join in and help.  A new live video will be coming in the next day or two, stay tuned.

Sage’s Army has Family Reinforcement / Recovery Session meetings twice a month at Sage’s Haven that I am looking forward to attending as often as possible. We hope to be able to bring a group like this to the South Hills of Pittsburgh with the help of our friends.

Below is a  “car rant” from Rich about some of the local news about Narcan. We have to educate people about the disease of addiction.


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