The Rewired Soul – #Addiction #MentalIllness

There was a horrible and misleading video that went viral about addiction NOT being a disease. This is what we are fighting, the video’s purpose was to upset people and create humor from people suffering. Chris from The Rewired Soul published two response videos which explained the FACTS about addiction with science and research backing.

After watching his video, I began watching his other videos and also started reading his book “HOPE: How I Overcame Depression, Anxiety and Addiction (and How You Can Too)“. I am loving this book, his story, background and his recovery. Very good book, I highly encourage reading and you can get it FREE (see below).

Last night Chris published a special announcement and I would like to share this and help him spread the world. Please help him achieve his initial goal of 100 subscribers on YouTube. You can do this by subscribing to his YouTube Channel.

YouTube LIVE Mental Health Q&A tomorrow at 2PM PST!


The new channel will:
-Discuss the latest NEWS about mental illness
-Explain various types of mental illness based on scientific studies
-Interviews with mental health researchers and professionals
-Interviews with people who are living with mental illness
-MOST IMPORTANTLY we will be discussing the best ways to OVERCOME mental illness


As I mentioned about Chris has a book out and I am really enjoying and learning from it. I highly suggest you read this book and you can get it for FREE.

I am half way through the book right now and just love it! I will be doing a video on the book and hope to have Chris join me on the Facebook Live. You can get the book FREE from his web site or purchase it from Amazon (or get it free from Amazon if you have Kindle Unlimited).


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